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PRINTS: Gallery-quality 'giclee' prints of individual images may be purchased on request from Micrographic Arts. Signed prints may be purchased in various sizes, alone, matted and/or framed to suit. Editions are limited to 90 prints. Images are normally printed in archival pigment on heavy cotton rag stock, but can also be printed on canvas or on metal panels. The archival metal panels are printed on durable, scratch-and-weather-resistant aluminum with a matte, satin or glossy surface. The almost luminescent metal panels can be flush or float-mounted, or open-framed in flush, float, or inset styles.

MiniMicros: Our newest line of matted gallery-quality prints comes in a small, affordable size. These charming miniatures are only 3.5" x 4.5" but printed with the same archival pigments on heavyweight cotton rag stock as their larger cousins. MiniMicros are ideal for promotional gifts in this size or customized similar sizes.

MEDIA LICENSING: High-resolution digital image files are available for editorial and other media uses. Some images may be altered to suit specific purposes on request.

SILK SCARVES/CRAVATS: "Wearable-art" archival silk scarves are available on request in various long or square sizes (the default size for long scarves is 12 x 72"). Scarf design ideas are not limited to those shown here. Scarves are ideal for elegant promotional gifts.

STAINED GLASS: Unique stained glass panels interpreted from custom or stock images by innovative glass artist Janette Patterson are available on an individually commissioned basis. Customized hand-blown glass and other elements may be included as appropriate, to create panels extending into the third dimension.

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS: Stock or custom images can be printed on items such as coffee mugs, note cards, tiles, puzzles, placemats, note cubes...

CUSTOM IMAGERY & CORPORATE ART: We can provide customized imagery created from samples supplied by you or by Micrographic Arts. Commissioned images can be on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Think about individual framed prints to enliven your offices or public spaces, or go further - how about a wall in your lobby covered by a mosaic array of individual metal panels that together form one large image depicting a microscopic portion of your own product? Then, selected individual 'cells' from the mosaic can be graphically enhanced and flipped or rotated so that they appear simply as framed abstracts on other walls - yet each is a reinterpretation of one of the mosaic cells. The variety of customized corporate art is limited only by your imagination. We'd love to brainstorm with you!